Choosing the Dog take into Account the Gender of the dog: Male or Female

Gender can play a big role in the dog’s personality and his final size. Males tend to be bigger than females, with larger heads, bodies and legs. Males tend to be more territorial.

This means that they need to defecate more often and cover the smell of running dogs as well. This tendency makes them more difficult to housetrain.

Female dogs learn faster and tend to be more loyal. Although females are, too, very territorial, usually marking the spot in a single pass.

Female dogs are more willing to stay at home, preferring to stay in their protected territories.

Instead of always looking how to expand it. Males are more dominant than female dogs. They as well tend to carry a stronger body odor than the females.

But the gender most likely to warm your feet better is male dog, as they better relax during sleeping. Female dogs are always watchful, on the alert for any troubles. Having a maternal instinct, their main behavioral tendencies – are to feed, protect and nurture the young offspring.

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