First Days of Your Puppy at Home

Once made up your mind to get a puppy, you might be drawing a picture of the future life with a well-conducted, perfectly understanding, sensible and faithful friend. It will happen, if you put some effort into it. Only thoughtful and consecutive training, games and activities with your pet, revealing a great intellectual potential of a dog, will make your dream a reality. Much depends on which was the dog’s childhood, so it is important, if the beginning of puppy’s life will not remain a mystery for the owner.

It would be better to adopt a puppy in the morning of a non-working day, for your youngster will be able to get used to the new surroundings during the day and to feel tiredness of new impressions by the evening. This way he will whine less at night.

Initially puppy will feel uncomfortable in a new place, with a constant yearning for its mother. You should be patient and let the puppy feel your love and constant presence. Here will help a carpet, retained the smell of maternal nest, on which you should lay the puppy during the initial period at a new place.

Soft basket or plastic container with a soft washable wool rug will fit perfectly for the medium-sized pets. It is very convenient, because during the second dentition your puppy will chew the edges of the container, not the pieces of furniture. For the larger pets it is better to lay a bigger carpet.

Provide a weighty tinware for food and drink, such as steel or porcelain bowls, which are difficult to overturn. For larger breeds, place the bowls on a stand, which height is possible to adjust with the pet’s growth to avoid its spinal curvature.

Puppy is, like a child, always in need of toys: balls, soft objects for chewing, plastic bones, distracting from surrounding objects during the teeth growth.Initially you will need a comb, massage brush, forceps for claws, scissors with curved ends, shampoo for puppies, medical drops for ears and eyes.

To take the animal in the arms is allowed only with both hands simultaneously, wrapping its chest under the front legs and taking under the tail, or from both sides, seizing under the chest. Do not lift the puppy by pulling the front paws, this way you will provoke a displacement or severe stretch of puppy’s paws.

Remove the small articles from the floor: needles, pins, necklaces, clips, buttons – they are extremely dangerous things, as in case of their unsuccessful ingestion your pet will have to undergo an operation. Pick up electric wires from the floor; hide medicines, cleaning fluids or other household chemicals in to inaccessible place.

Puppies, growing in the yard, are more physically tolerant and adapted in comparison with domestic inhabitants. Puppy is always in need of free space for games and running around in the open air. Its organism is perfectly adapted to the temperature changes, humidity, precipitation and other factors.

Wooden doghouse is usually arranged for pet in the yard, made of 1 meter in length, 90 cm in width and height, having a sloping roof with a backward slope. It is mounted on low logs to avoid the precipitation wetting the floor.

When the puppy grows older and its bones will get stronger, you can make walks with a soft leather collar. Until that moment, use a breast band for walking, to evade damaging the animal’s neck.

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