Have You found Face ID on the iPhone X?

The initial response to rumors that Apple was planning to drop Touch ID in favor of Face ID was mixed. Touch ID had become an integral part of iOS, making the iPhone easier to use while also increasing security. In a poll we ran ahead of the iPhone X unveil, some 45 percent of respondents stated that facial recognition wouldn’t be enough to replace Touch ID.

Apple isn’t the first company to attempt face recognition in a smartphone. Samsung, for instance, included face unlock in its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. The issue with Samsung’s implementation, however, was security. It was quickly discovered to be easily fooled by photographs.

The poor implementation of facial recognition by companies like Samsung was likely the reason for many initial doubts about Apple’s Face ID. People were skeptical that Apple would be able to ensure the same level of security with Face ID that it had with Touch ID.

Of course, people had also grown to love Touch ID. The feature had become an integral part of Apple’s ecosystem, supported on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now, there’s sort of a feature gap between the devices, though it seems Face ID will make its way to the iPad Pro with next year’s updates.

Now that Face ID is out to the public, however, the response seems to have changed. Many users are pleased with the feature, though some have issues.

Personally, as I wrote yesterday in my iPhone X impressions piece, I’ve been nothing short of amazed with Face ID. It works insanely fast and it’s passive, requiring no physical initiation by the user, unlike Touch ID. Apple also highly touts the security of Face ID – saying its even more secure than Touch ID.

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